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We are one of the largest Legal Costs Consultancy services in the UK. Our dedicated teams cover all areas of the costs recovery process, ensuring that we deliver an unrivalled costs service, which combines experience, efficiency and expertise to get the very best results for our clients at all times.

Press Release

28 FEBRUARY 2016
Slater and Gordon announced plan to undertake a reorganisation of UK business

Slater and Gordon announced today that we plan to undertake a reorganisation of our UK business.

This is to ensure that we continue to provide our clients with world class legal services at affordable prices.

We want to reassure all of our clients that there will be no change in the service you experience now or in the future.

This year across the United Kingdom and Australia our staff will serve nearly 200,000 clients, more than we ever have in our history.

Our success over the past 80 years is due to our commitment to our clients and our long history is built on providing the best possible outcomes for them.

This is what we do best and this is what we will continue to do every single day.

We have always put the interests of our clients first and that will never change.

Ken Fowlie,

Managing Director

Slater and Gordon UK Limited

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